Book: Miracle Years - 건국편, 한글/영문 합본

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The Birth of Korea - 건국편, Paperback

Miracle Years, 1945-1948

English and Korean edition in cartoon style.

In any nation, the task of properly educating the young about the history of their country is a serious responsibility borne by every informed person. In this effort “Korean History Forum, USA” published an illustrated version of the founding history of the Republic of Korea under the title, Miracle Years; 1945 – 1948 (The Birth of Korea), in both Korean and English.

This publication is written based on the fundamental principle in academic history to tell factual history as it is. This book will great assist any citizen of the world, regardless of East or West, who wants to learn about Korea. I am convinced that promoting the widespread readership of this book will also contribute immensel to elevating Korea’s reputation. November, 2016 Professor Emeritus at Yonsei University Kim, Dong-gil Republic of Korea! It was impossible. And yet Miracle was realized.

대한민국! 불가능한 일이었다. 그러나 기적은 이루어졌다. On August 15, 1948, overcoming all forms of terrorism and domestic and foreign pressure from Left-Right Coalition, president Syngman Rhee declared the formation of the Republic of Korea.

1948년 8월 15일 공산당의 온갖 테러와 국내외의 좌우합작 압력을 물리치고 대한민국 건국을 선포한 이승만 대통령. Founding the Republic of Korea was a revolution — a revolution as successful as the French or the American Revolution. – Lee, In-ho, Professor Emerita, Seoul National University

대한민국 건국은 혁명이였고, 프랑스혁명이나 미국혁명과 마찬가지로 성공한 혁명이다. – 이인호 서울대 명예교수

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